Vogue Scandinavia is more than a magazine, it is an entire universe unto itself.

We are obsessed with telling stories, and we know that not all stories are best told the same way.

To get the whole Vogue Scandinavia story we believe it is vital to look beyond the printed page. Everything we produce, from long-form journalism to quippy op-eds, fashion editorials to TikTok videos, films to podcasts, is treated with the same obsessive care.
Vogue Scandinavia represents all of the Nordics, publishing in English to communicate freely between the five nations in our region. We are a digital first publication, supplemented by a beautifully curated print magazine, to be published bi-monthly. We view our print publication as an art object, to be treasured and displayed in your home.

Both of these platforms present our Scandinavian view on fashion, design, culture and nature via words, images, video, podcasts, social media, music and even scent. “We are not afraid to do things differently. This is the future of fashion journalism,” Martina Bonnier, Editor-in-chief Our main editorial team in Stockholm represents diverse backgrounds from all over the world.
They are joined by thirteen contributing experts from throughout the Nordics who will give our readers in-depth, entertaining journalism on their respective areas of expertise, be it handbags, watches, gender fluidity or music. We aspire to become the most sustainable magazine ever made. From our very first issue, we are proud to say we are certified carbon neutral. We are also plasticfree, instead opting for aesthetically pleasing, renewable packaging. Our print magazine can only be purchased online, via our f lagship store at www.voguescandinavia.com. We will print in limited quantities, to ensure that every copy ends up in a pair of loving hands. Not only does this reduce unnecessary newsstand waste, it also reflects the way emerging fashion brands operate.
Those at the forefront of our industry connect with their customers online, not via traditional retail spaces. We see ourselves in line with these modern, emerging luxury brands, rather than a traditional magazine.

“We don’t see ourselves as a traditional magazine, we are a fashion accessory.” Martina Bonnier, Editor-in-chief Via our digital store, buy either a single issue, a six-issue subscription or our stunning Collector’s Edition. With the Collector’s Edition, receive the first six issues in a collectable casing inspired by Hilma af Klint.
The issues, which will arrive at your doorstep every other month for one year, combine into a stunning artistic object. Follow our sustainability journey, from the Finnish forests to the magazine you hold in your hands. We are radically transparent, and aim to do better with every issue.

As Condé Nast’s 27th global Vogue edition, we are proud to carry on the Vogue name. But as a brand new publication, we are unafraid to do things differently. Our journey has just begun. We plan to continue working for a better future, focusing on sustainability, inclusivity, and innovative storytelling


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