London Thoast Theatre hyllar Cole Porter 15 maj-1 juni


Evergreens including “Night and Day”, “I get a Kick out of you”, “My Heart Belongs to Daddy” sung by icons like Marilyn Monroe, Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Lady Gaga, George Michael , Iggy Pop, Tom Waits and Robbie Williams, are just a few of the 1200 songs created by the man hailed as the best lyricist/composer of the twentieth century. Cole Porter led a champagne-popping social life, he was close friends with film stars, princes and pop idols, but privately his life was quite different…

Oh Baby, it’s Cole” is Vivienne McKee’s entertaining, toe-tapping cabaret show based on the incomparable music and sophisticated life of Cole Porter.  It tells the story of Cole’s life through his songs, and invites the audience to appreciate his clever use of the English language as well as his brilliantly innovative melodies.

The songs are interpreted by a superb ensemble of well-known singers, including Katrine Falkenberg, Nicoline Siff Møller, Sebastian Harris and Leo Andrew from London’s West End.

Vivienne McKee is the narrator, and Stuart Goodstein the musical director in this rare glimpse into the real story of a musical genius.

Playing in Krudttønden, Copenhagen  during CPH STAGE theatre festival 2019 

May 15th 2019 – June 1th 2019

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