Purgatorium releases first new music in over 25 years! Swedish death metal band


Titan is a contemporary but in a way old-school death metal song about the demise of mankind and religious beliefs trying to withstand the awakening of a gruesomely strong Furia taking back what is Her’s.

The song is the first scheduled single release from the band’s debut album ”Burning Visions” and is the first release with new material since 1995. Purgatorium has been working on recording and writing sessions in different ways since again uniting as a band with founding members David, Daniel and Mikael back in 2017 and now it is finally time to uncover the results. The main focus in the songwriting has been to let the old ways last in the compositions. To keep up their own way of making the music without compromise.

Purgatorium was founded in 1989 in the village Tavelsjö located outside of Umeå and released the demo “Cup of Blood” the same year. The music was characterized by the early wave of Swedish death metal with large elements of the instrumental parts. During the first half of the 90s two additional demos were released, “Enter the Gate” and “Travels”. The band’s last release before the breakup in 1995 was the participation on W.A.R. Compilation – Volume One, a classic compilation of Swedish death metal from that time era consisting of the Dark Tranquility, Dissection and In Flames, etc. The purgatory was extinguished and cooled during the ca. 20 years have passed since then.

In 2016 it began to smolder again in the remains of the melodic melting pot of death metal that Purgatorium consists of. The band’s founding members David Israelsson (guitars & lead vocals), Daniel Israelsson (drums), and Michael Lindberg (lead guitar), teamed up with Jens Karlsson (Bass, also in Persuader, etc.) to start working on new material and played several shows during 2016 and 2017 including the international House of Metal festival in Umeå. In 2017 also saw the first official release with compilation album Still In Search via Discouraged Records consisting of 7 tracks from 2 different recordings which gained a lot of review across Europe.

Now begins a new chapter, here is Titan!

Band Members:
David Israelsson – Lead vocals, Guitar
Daniel Israelsson – Drums
Mikael Lindberg – Lead Guitar
Jens Karlsson – Bass, Backing Vocal

Titan (digital single 2020)
Still In Search (CD album, 2017)
Still In Search (Promo CD 1994)
Travels (CD/MC demo 1993)
Enter the Gate (MC demo 1991)
Cup of Blood (MC demo 1989)


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